Nexus 6P

BigGong - Nexus 6P product quality is being questioned after a video emerged showing that the pressure testing devices are very easily bent. However, it is still understandable because the device was made of metal and if given the enormous pressure it is possible to bend.

Recently, the issue of the power of the Nexus 6P made by Huawei is again questionable. Reportedly some users experiencing the front and rear glass cracked without hard pressure or a fall.

Some Reddit users report that part of the glass behind the Nexus 6P cracking by itself when the device is simply placed on the table and did not get any pressure at all. A similar problem also experienced by the Nexus 4 which upon investigation turned out to be a problem cause temperature changes from hot to cold.

In addition to the rear allegedly fragile, some users also report that the glass on the screen Nexus 6P theirs fractured long enough on the surface. So far there has been no official confirmation from Google and Huawei-related issues Nexus 6P glass is breakable. Hopefully this is only experienced by some users only and is not a problem of failure in production