apple application support

Now it appears that Apple has made application support services to its customers. Although the company has not confirmed the application, but there are a few screenshots depicting apparent from this application.

According to the screenshot, this application looks largely mimic the functions of the Apple support website. This means you will be able to perform simple troubleshooting.

And it seems this application will not be like the Apple support website that is quite complicated to provide navigation, by mixing the support of the official article and discussion of the other users on certain issues.

While the application is made easier by relying on a list of products connected to your Apple ID, to ensure that search results will be adjusted from your device.

In addition, this application will ask you to answer some basic questions about the nature of your problem. And if these applications can not solve your problem, then you will be able to schedule an appointment with an Apple Genius, then send it for repair or make a call to Apple.

But unfortunately there is no clarity regarding the application that will act as a standalone application on iOS, or be part of the Apple Store applications.