google email smart reply

Google may not know what you're thinking, but google may be able to guess your mind with new email feature called "smart reply."

Feature smart reply that are in the Inbox offers three responses that you can customize. Smart Reply will arrive this week in the Inbox application version, which runs on smartphones and tablets powered by Google's Android software and iOS.

It may look simple, but in fact this capability requires a complex technology called deep learning. Google has been using in-depth study to provide a service of mental agility and sophistication as the real mind of man.

With that, Google has been filtering spam, identifying the subject of the photo, translate the text and try to see the trends in your data. According to Google President Work Program, Amit Singh, "The possibility of machine learning will not be limited."

Smart Reply starts as a smartphone application, which is where the choice of technology fitted to answer. "In mobile, the actions we take when writing emails is very short and usually very action-oriented," said Singh.