BigGong - During this year, the application snapchat has added a new feature, and it seems these efforts have paid off because now snapchat has been viewed more than six billion times per day. This amount is three times the increase of the amount in May, sees two billion a day by the user.

Snapchat application which was originally launched as a service for sending short video message for a particular friend, who then refocus the company with his Stories feature.

This feature can be seen by all of your friends, or, if you prefer a common choice, the people will be able to see as well. Then expanded with its live event that makes snapchat become a popular application. And since then, the company re-add other features, such as replay, rewinds, stickers, and more.

When compared with a Facebook application that has been viewed more than eight billion video views a day. Facebook, which recently put the video feature, which makes Facebook now makes it doubled from last April.

Facebook for calculating the number of impressions viewed by users, is within three seconds. As for snapchat only takes a few milliseconds would be enough to count the number of impressions viewed by users