Flickr for iPhone

BigGong - 3D Touch is one of the new features the iPhone. 3D Touch screens are able to ascertain how much force when pressing the screen, which will produce a different response.

This allows Apple to build a new experience in the use of applications, even utilizing 3D Touch feature for developers, which means that application developers can take advantage of this feature as well. Such as Flickr application that joins the list of applications that take advantage of the 3D feature Touch.

By pressing a little hard on the Flickr icon on the iPhone screen, it will be able to open the quick menu where users can upload photos, check notifications, view feeds them and even perform Spotlight searches from the Home screen. Meanwhile, the search menu allows the user to search for a group, see the new photo or an entire album.

Flickr update is already available for iOS downloaded free of charge, which offers auto-upload feature and 1TB of cloud storage for free, making it an excellent option for people who want to take a lot of photos with their iPhone