Sony Xperia Z5

BigGong - Today (November 4th, 2015) officially Sony Mobile Communications Indonesia released a new hero, Sony Xperia Z5. Sony did a lot of benchmarks (both with the best products and competitors) in the imaging factor. The birth of Xperia Z5 is a significant leap Xperia Z series as well as software components both photography and videography.

Not only refers to the camera of the Sony Alpha family of technologies, which are then packaged in a mobile format, sensors and image capture means that more lightning, also supplies software (applications) foto fun-fun and -can so- funny.

Here are seven applications supporting fun photography that you must try. Everything is an application made by Sony. Through this application your creations increasingly free, even to make selfie was no longer standard.

AR Mask

This application that supports selfie. Using the front camera (5.1 MP) course. Various templates that can be "attached" to your face. Ranging from beautiful women, handsome man, until the animal's face. There are many more to be gained, because a third party (creator) will continue contributing to a "mask" that is packaged in Augmented Reality (AR). Point the front camera to your face, select "mask", then capture!

Style Portrait

These applications encourage creative with special themes for a photograph. Could be regular or selfie photo. Beam Magic available that will change the appearance of facial images with the beam-beam cool. Choice of aspect ratio of 1: 1 to 16: 9. The themes themselves there Vampire, Red Lips, Mystery, Movie, Paint and several others. As the name implies, your photos will be "stylish".

Creative Effect

Now, if these applications rely more photo pattern with a choice of creative effects. A total of 19 effects prepared. One of them Fisheye as shown. Other effects Sketch Pencil, Color Sketch, Comics, Kaleidoscope, Nostaligia, mosaics, and more. However, this application can only be used by using the rear camera (23 MP). To selfie should use Effect Editing mode.

Sticker Creator

Like cut (croping) photos, such as the face for example? If you like, jajal this application. Once completed you crop photos, you can use to make something, for example, to make a creative design in the Sketch application. Or you can also use as a profile picture on your social media. Sticker Creator also features a menu of options cut lines in various types.

Face in Picture

How to combine two images at once taken by two cameras (23 MP and 5.1 MP) simultaneously? For example, you want to shoot a girlfriend, but your photos can also be seen as an insert. Just use this app. Aim the camera to the object (your boyfriend), and point the camera to the front of your face to produce a photo insert. Insert loop size can be set (large or small) and can be placed anywhere.

AR Effect

Actually, this application has long since emerged Z1 series are already available. But then choice of its Augmented Reality effects limited to Dinosaur or Dive. Lately, more and more third party which accounts template effect. There is a comic effect, even Disney took part insert effects Mickey & Friends. In the comic effect, the laser beam emerging from the object eye shot. Really exciting, like the Cyclops of his X-Men.

Voice Ballon Photo

This application combines a camera and Voice to Text. That is, when you are photographing an object, call it chick target. Once you are ready to shoot, you could mention a word, for example, "Sexy". Well, Xperia Z5 will recognize (recognition) of your voice, then processed into text that appears on the screen and blend with the photographs. He cried, the text had been packaged in the form of text ballon like a comic.