BigGong -Currently digital communication services that secure and protect the privacy of users has become a necessity. However, not all applications are safe and users should be careful not to become victims of data theft via malware installed on the device. If you want to find a secure digital communication platform, can use Signal applications.

The application has also been recommended by former employees of the US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden. In a tweet on his Twitter account, Snowden recommends Signal for secure communication applications for its users.

"I use Signal every day. #notesforFBI (Note: they already know," Snowden wrote in his Twitter accountSnowden.
Signal applications

Signal is an application that combines the functions TextSecure and Redphone both of which are produced by the Open Whisper System. TextSecure allows users to send messages freely and privately with other users who use the same application. Meanwhile, Redphone secure the same thing on a phone call when the communication with other users.

To use the application Signal fairly easy, Signal can be activated using a mobile phone number. There is no separate registration with user name, password or PIN. Basically, the mechanism is the same as WhatsApp.

"We can not hear your conversation or read your message, nobody can. Whatever is at Signal encrypted continuously and painstakingly drafted to ensure the security of communicating," he says on the official website of the Open Whisper Systems (OWS) that brewing application ,

OWS is a non-profit product development projects supported by community donations. In the Signal application also net of advertising and other things that normally interfere with the user's convenience. Once users download, so users can instantly communicate securely with friends or relatives in the contact list using the application Signal.