App Comparison

BigGong - Now Microsoft has released a new application called AppComparison for Android. This application is intended to show how many Android applications available on Windows Phone.
When you install AppComparison, then you will be required to scan a mobile phone to find all the installed applications. Then this app will ask you to select the category of the most interesting applications. Then it displays all the apps in the Windows Phone which is equivalent to existing applications on your phone.

As you know, not many Android apps that is equivalent to Windows Phone application, though you may find some similar. However, if the application is not able to display the list of applications that are equivalent, but this application will be able to display the application with the same quality.
Meanwhile, the side effects of this application is that it will illustrate the huge gap in terms of quantity and quality of applications between Android and Windows Phone.

Previously, Microsoft had made similar applications in the past like this, the 'Switch to Windows Phone' and did not work well, but hopefully this AppComparison application will be able to work quite well.