Nexus 6P

When Google introduced the Nexus 6P Huawei and LG Nexus 5X in India a few weeks ago, it was announced that the two devices will be available to customers in India on October 21.

However, it turns out it did not materialize, and now Huawei has confirmed that the device 6P Nexus will be launched in India in November.

Vendors from China revealed that pre-order the smartphone at Flipkart has been getting a very positive response so that the number of orders very much. The device will be available in November.

"Our distributors are working on a priority basis to meet the demands of customers in India, and the smartphone will be delivered in several waves," said P. Sanjeev, Vice President Sales & Honor Huawei India.

"The first wave of 6P Nexus will be available in India from the first week of November. We are working intensively with Flipkart and our sales partners to provide the smartphone into the hands of the fans Nexus 6P, "he added.

6P Nexus comes in two variants in India.varian 32GB sells for $ 615. While variants of 64GB sells for $ 660.