Cortana Beta for iOS

BigGong - Microsoft presents a virtual assistant services, Cortana's IOS operating system. Cortana was first debut on Windows Phone devices are then expanded to a PC with Windows 10. Even the green robot operating system did not escape into fields to expand the service Cortana.

Microsoft has been testing Cortana for iOS devices over the last six months, and now they have announced that Cortana for iOS has been able to try on the iPhone. Microsoft's own mission wants to make Cortana as a virtual assistant who can get a big name, even though Apple's operating system.

However, Cortana for iOS is still a beta version where this version is still in the testing phase. Microsoft invited some people to sign up as testers Cortana on their iOS devices, but unfortunately not everyone had the opportunity to taste Cortana for iOS. Microsoft only a select few people and Microsoft also put forward some requirements that applicants be able to sample the beta version of Cortana for iOS.

Cortana application for the iPhone is only available in the United States and China. Because it is still in beta, Cortana to iOS itself is still not perfect, and even features a "hey, Cortana" is not present in this beta version.

However, Cortana for iOS is not much different from Cortana embedded in Windows Phone and available for Android. The main features of Cortana also present in the beta for iOS. The beta version the user can use to get the latest information, send email, create alarms, and can also create a reminder agenda