BigGong - Jabra, a world leader, this time launching its newest earphone products Jabra Sport Pace. Wireless earphone device is designed to support a healthy lifestyle so that users can add to the experience during exercise. With a battery life of up to five hours for listening to music or make phone calls and charging only 15 minutes, the Jabra Sport Pace will always accompany the activity makes you always stay in shape.

Jabra Sport Pace

Applications strengthened Jabra Sport Life

Even more interesting, wireless earphones with stylish design is equipped with Jabra Sport Life applications designed specifically to record and manage your sports activities. So it is useful to set training schedule.

Whatever type of your favorite sports, wearing these earphones for a new experience more enjoyable. Whether it's running, cycling, fitness in the gym, or other, applications Jabra Sport Life has a tool that is optimized to help users plan and monitor your fitness activities.

Tools for the management of this training can be downloaded for free on smartphones with Android and IOS operating system. This application allows you to plan, monitor, and evaluate the performance of your workout by measuring the speed, calories burned, distance and route based on GPS phones. This device has a built-in fitness test that can track your workout progress. Jabra Sport Pace also integrates with the leading 3rd party fitness applications to integrate your workout history.

High quality in All Sectors

Although it looks tiny and stylish, but who would have thought Jabra Sport Pace is so tough because it has met the standard of the US military and IP54 certificate. Stylish earphone is designed to withstand wind, rain, storm, sweat, and impact. In addition, the Jabra Sport Pace equipped with light reflective strap, which will provide visibility when running at night. In it, there is a mini speaker that produces sound premium class.

Jabra Sport Pace also meets the standards of high quality comfort and ergonomics. There is a comfortable ear hook, ergonomically designed for you to stay at home memakaianya. Ultra safe, ultra comfortable, ultra light (only 21 grams), these earphones truly be your perfect companion every activity.

Jabra Sport Pace

 The main feature of the Jabra Sport Pace include:

• Stereo sound premium

• Increase practicing the sport with Jabra Sport Life applications that provide evaluations and tips

• 5 hours talk time and listen to music, as well as rapid charging only 15 minutes

• Ergonomic design and safety

• Built to meet US military standards for rain, shock, sand and dust

• optimal reflective neck strap to walk at night