BigGong - If we assume for a glass material object is very fragile and easily broken, the stigma will disappear shortly. Because glass has now developed a very strong and not easily broken like glass material that exists today.

Hard Glass

Containerless processing techniques (Credit: University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science)

Scientists in Japan are developing a new type of glass that has the power of a very loud, even as hard as steel. This is an innovation to develop a glass shatterproof or replace any type of glass tableware such as glasses or plates.

"We'll set up a way to mass produce new material as soon as possible," said Atsunobu Masuno, an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science. He also added that the team they are looking for ways to commercialize the technology within five years.

The main ingredient oxide glass composed of silicon dioxide, with the strength of which has been enhanced by mixing in alumina, oxide of aluminum. But it is difficult for scientists to form a glass containing alumina in large quantities, because oxides cause efflorescence if the glass inserted and direct contact with the container.

But they have found a way to overcome this problem, by using processing techniques containerless.

As reported by The Asahi Shimbun, this technique has a way of working where they use gas to drive the chemical components into the air where they are synthesized to form a glass. then be glass that is colorless and very hard, 50 per cent of its constituent material is alumina.

According to scientists, this new type of glass has the power tougher than conventional glass materials, even the rigors of almost level with iron and steel.