(Hook: Timbaland & Future)
I think my girl might be cheatin' on the low
She say she need her space and she say she need to go
Oh man, I think my girl might be cheatin' on the low
I really hate to say it, but tonight I need to know
Need to know, are u fucking otha niggas? UFO, UFO
Are u fuckin' otha niggas? UFO, UFO (x3)
I think my girl might be cheatin', UFO, UFO

(Verse: Timbaland & Tink)
She say she want sumebody she can talk to
I always say I will but I neva do
She says he need sumebody she can count on
And when she dial my number, I don't pick it up
Alright, alright, girl
Now I need to catch my flight
Alright, alright, girl
I can't be that sumebody
Every day she say she find sumebody and it ain't me
And I'm gettin' the feelin' that she finna creep
(Boy give me a call back)
That's what the message said
That shit stuck in my head
She said I neva did
(Boy give me a call back)
She could be in his arms
She 'bout to break my heart
She 'bout to break my heart


(Verse 2: Tink)
He could be alone with a dancer
Hear it in his tone when he answer
Four or five bitches in a week
But if I go out to cheat
Then I have no standards
But tonight I'mma leave
Find me sumeone in these streets
Frequent them slowly and not feel emotion
Cuz he would do the same to me
So I'mma get even, I neva believed in u tellin' me a lie
I'mma get busy and find me a nigga to lay with tonight
Pimping ain't nothin' but game, treat all these niggas the same
Niggas and women, we all lie about how we livin'
We all lie about where we stayin'
We all lie about who we layin', we all do
We all lie about who we cuffin'
We all lie about who we fuckin', we all do
Baby don't worry about me, I be on the run like B
U ain't gotta hide ur face cuz I'm probably in the room right next to ur suite

(Verse 3: Future)
Where ur heart went? she must lost it in a coffin, hey-ey-ey
I'm smokin', takin' me loses, I can't cry about u, no way-ay-ay
I'm a player but it caught me off guard, I'mma say-ay-ay
Nigga u don't cheat on this bitch u must be a misfit
I'm drinkin' fuckin' up my kidney, u got my goin' ballistic
Don't tell me u kissin' niggas with my favorite lipstick
Not my bitch
Mamacita, no luv lost, used to movin' them drugs dog
Where young nigga sorry they come back and run up in ur drug house
U lyin' bitch, who u lyin' to, tell me who u lyin' to
U rather taint my impression, how I look at u, how I honor u 
We spent days up, I'm just thinkin', did u get laid up?
Talkin' and conversatin', hopin' u tell me the truth
I thought I was bulletproof, until I found out a clue
U might be fuckin' him and him and every brother around this bitch
I neva knew until I thought I knew
He can't fuck u like me any way, u must be gettin' back at me
Maybe my mind's playin' tricks on me
I'm feelin' guilty cuz these hoes on me