BigGong - Slovakian antivirus software manufacturers, ESET released the latest version of ESET Home Edition, namely ESET Smart Security® 9 and ESET Antivirus NOD32® 9, in mid-October 2015. Two antivirus software is redesigned to improve performance and convenience for users. Graphical User Interface (GUI) of this version is very comfortable on the eyes and looks slick, light, and clean, and certainly compatible with Windows 10.

ESET, known as super-lightweight antivirus, designing products specifically, the ESET Smart Security 9 for Internet users and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9 for those who need protection standards, more often offline, and gamers.

Layered protection system (multi-layered protection) is present in the products ESET Smart Security 9. Physical Protection presented features anti-theft or anti-theft protection that is needed when the laptop / notebook / PC is lost.

Product ESET Smart Security 9 has a new feature, namely Banking and Payment Protection, which is a mainstay. This feature is a solution that brings security to the bank's customers who use Internet banking facilities or consumers shopping online using a credit card or other online payment systems. The presence of this feature in ESET Smart Security 9 as if to answer the needs of users of internet banking and online-shoppers.

ESET Smart Security 9 is also equipped with a Botnet Protection technology, Exploit Blocker, and Vulnerability Shield. Botnet perpetrators use the Internet and to operate an organized group. Botnets are widely used for various functions, usually leads to crime, from theft of personal data-banking, bombard the site with spam, and fraud. In some cases, botnets are also used to spy on webcams and blackmail victims. Well, Exploit Blocker is designed to fortify the application on which are often exploited, such as web browsers, PDF files, e-mail, or files of MS Office. Vulnerability Shield works to improve the detection system already known vulnerabilities at the network level. One more interesting and may be beneficial for you, ESET Home Edition Version 9 is also available in Arabic