Rich niggas in the building
(Mike Will Made It)
Fire it up

Mrs Mary Mack, I want it back
With that sweet kush out on her back
Mrs Mary Mack, I roll it back
She let me hit straight from the back
No, I think I luv the bitch (x4)
I think I luv 'er
No, I think I luv the bitch (x4)
I think I luv 'er

(Verse: Juicy J)
Fuckin' with her since a young nigga
Smokin' more weed than these young niggas
One more hit then I'm done with her
But who am I kiddin', I'm in luv with 'er
I'm addicted to her, she know I can't live without her
Mary J is all I need
In the Lambo, blowin' nothin' but that kill
You know I keep it RIV
IG thing, y'all lil niggas ain't in my league
Got them Kobe Bryant colors all in my weed
Pourin' noth' but purple plus, homie, let's make a toast
Whole team doublin' up, on cups-o-lean
Lil dream gon' make my bitch go by
Gotta land on her back with her legs up in the sky
I might take me a dab and wax that ass
Stay on my trippin' shit, nigga, I'm so high
I'm so fly, check my ride
Shit so flea, she thought I was a spy
Double O 7, I'm James Bond
And I'm smokin' keef blows all up my bong
All I inhale is that strong
So you know I keep the grass all in my lungs
Miss Mary Mary, rollin' back to back
On her ________(?) gin and that Bean on my tongue


(Verse 2: Weezy)
I don't smoke if it ain't that club, nope!
Fuck that nigga, I'm gravy, yeah
Fucked up nigga, I'm wavy, uh
Cotton up nigga, post slavery
Stop talkin' shit, nigga smoke some
Girl let's bust 1 and roll one
Tunechi like a penny with a whole in it
Cause I don't let these bitches get they hopes up
I got Tony Montana no cut
I gets all my drugs fo' free
Cos' I got a bad bitch, she's a nurse
And I just tell that bitch I can't sleep
I only drink on occasions when it's it, not an occasion
Chiky eyes, Asian persuasion, fuck rehab-ilitation
I say, God is great, weed is good, amen to that shit
Rest in peace Lord Infamous, amen to that shit
Light that hoe, I'll pass around
I hope my smoke will pass the clouds
To all my homies looking down, amen to that shit