Apple iOS 9.2 Beta

BigGong - After iOS 9.1 was officially released to the public, today Apple released the latest iOS operating system, the iOS 9.2. But the latest version of iOS is still released in beta which is intended for the bearers of third-party applications.

The presence of iOS 9.2 beta, while providing the latest beta version of Xcode software used to create applications on the Apple mobile platform. From the information released by Apple, iOS 9.2 does not seem to present many new features, but there are some interesting improvement recorded in the documentation of iOS 9.2.

Written by PhoneArena, there are some additions and improvements related to the Safari browser on iOS. First, the presence of a new feature called "Action Extensions" that will be integrated in Safari and allowing third party applications to related directly to the browser.

PhoneArena pointed out, the presence of these Extensions Action feature will enable applications such as 1 Password to get integrated into Safari, so users can easily enter data specific login or password more quickly and easily.

Second, users can now hold the reload / refresh in Safari which will bring up the option to reload the page normally or without content blockers that may be installed by the user.

So far there has been no information on the release schedule of iOS 9.2 to the public. Given the recently released iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2 seems presence is still a matter of months.