Blackberry Priv

BigGong - BlackBerry Priv closer to the hands of the prospective users. Yesterday, pre-order first BlackBerry smartphone based on Android has been opened. And today a Canadian vendor has released a number of Android applications to Priv to the Google Play Store.

The presence of these applications into the BlackBerry Priv evidence that the presence in the market is getting closer. Previously, Priv reportedly will be available from 6 November.
There are several new applications that released the BlackBerry to the Play Store, among MicosoftexFAT, Notes, BlackBerry Calendar, Contacts, BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry keyboard, the BlackBerry Services, Tasks, BlackBerry Device Search, BlackBerry Password Keeper, BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Camera and DTEK.

From the list above applications, you can identify the application and its functions only on the name alone. BlackBerry application-specific keyboard has some interesting notes in a release in the Play Store. Explained that the application has an option to customize the settings for a physical keyboard on the BlackBerry Priv.

While MicrosoftexFAT application allows users to format the memory card using exFAT. You can see all the new applications that released the BlackBerry in the Google Play Store.