Smoke DZA ft. Al-Doe & NymLo – Leana Horns Lyrics

Yeah, it’s the Kush God Smoke DZA
And ya now listenin’ to Leana Horns ft. my brothers
Al-Doe and NymLo

(Verse: Smoke DZA)
(Kush God, bitch, lost under commission)
(Fuck all the bullshit)
Right, push backwards and blow duthies
Smoke luxury, nigga flow been ugly
Since Huffies, niggas can’t fuck with me
Damn near made rugby
Back track make yo memory fuzzy
Headed up by me, I’m hot
I’m back to back with Ras
He pass the pot, so grass
A lot seen, good energy, good vibes and
Whether in the hood or on the good island
Errbody rap, errbody whylin’
Smooth roads neva made good drivers
Clear skies neva made good pilots
Smoke DZA, nigga, only one, and I’m him
Big nigga with the stands on
Kushed Godzilla, crush everything my hands on
Pillow talkin’, get that nigga some tampons
This real shit, rare form

(Hook break)

(Verse 2: Al-Doe)
Tax free, dark drinkin’ Macallo and Jack D.
Johnny Walker, only sippin’ if it’s blue label
All my niggas is tastin’, we at the cool table
Outta town breaks, music of the drugs, you know I’m around base
Ten plates, no, I do ???
The black J mean the tooth-o heart
Still sellin’ on this Buddho God
I just caught a flight, had to serve Bruno Mars
I stay clean, sick of rattin’ some shades, I’m James Dean
If I’m meetin’ with ye in the same team
I got jinky eye bitches that model for Beijing
Ha, drug dealer, I was born that
Stay around keys and drums, now where my horns at?

(Hook break)
Yeah, it’s the Kush God Smoke DZA
And ya now listenin’ to Leana Horns ft. my brothers
Al-Doe and NymLo
Really fuckin’ cool ride

(Verse 3: NymLo)
Koheeba in my ashtray
Blonde shotgun is my Cuban
She only here on a Visa tho’
I taught her to tell the FEDs she a student
It’s only right cuz she give me brain
She love a fly nigga so I dress plain
I could fuck around and fly into the towers
Thought it off for 50 cent, now I got power
Now I got powder, heaven on the sour
Plus the Mac11 for these muthafuckin’ cowards
Young short stop, look, they runnin’ to the base
You fuck my money up, you get a gun into yo face
The beat knockin’, streets watchin’
In my block fo’eva high, they no heat droppin’
It’s get money or die, ain’t no three options
And bitch, you get my niggas off, she like three cockring(?)