Boaz ft. Asher Roth - Rapness Monster (Remix) Lyrics

Some believers speculate new theories evolved to explain the legend
Known to emerge from the deep waters of the three rivers
Thought to had become extinct 55 million years ago
Yet, people still see the rapness monster
I'm up early in the mornin' like a field cropper
Brain stormer, I'm a natural born shit popper
Spark my jeans and wake the whole house
Like it's a pot of vultures
Movin' like and army platoon, lots of soldiers
M-16's aimed above yo shoulders
Keep the motor runnin', my lil hommie Slumpy Mover
I learned that from Gotti and Govana
I hook off on a nigga like I'm Rocky Marciano
Flee from the scene in the Avocado, El Dorato
Hit the hood to grab some weed, already have a half a bottle
I wha, I, just have to hit the club and bag a model
Least a bitch that got potential, I take her home to meet my momma
Nigga, tell 'em niggas kill 'em noise and keep the drama
I adorn to extra things, I try to see some extra commas
I'm takin' notice, my moves under the telescope
Ya heart sound like Sasquatch under my stethoscope
Put the needle on the track and I bet it's dope
Fiddled in yo veins, don't believe me cause I said it's dope
Give a nigga goosebumps, like his reference spoke
The sag-whites and veggie bacon, neva the yella yokle
I need my protein, I don't do no lean
But this Cali Chronic might be stronger than Codeine
Everyday I'm gettin' heavily sedated
Pittsburg's best rapper, that shit heavily debated
Still be in the trenches if I neva woulda made it
But the neva say neva's quite clever
It's neva say wrong under right weathers
How much justice to my element? Whateva
Watch the legend live foreva
Drop the base, stayn treble
As far as all the scientists go who don't believe it's nothing out there
I just say wait until you see it
Once you've seen it, you can believe it
(Verse 2)
I done got accustomed to the muddy waters
Tell your sons and daughters
Careful at night time, the monster might run up on ya
I be lurkin' under the moonlight
Hear the wolves howlin', know it's prey out there
Might be a food fight
I bury you cock-a-roaches till the tomb tight
God bless the dead, gazoontight
You won't catch me with yo latest inventions
I be right in abund' in they nose, they ain't payn attention
Power of the solar, feel the vibrations, we communicate in sonar
Can't even hear it
If yo mind and yo body ain't in touch wit yo spirit
Most people see my shadow and be scared to come near it
I'm like the hermit of the wilds, crow by the feast
Oceany black link and hella black clouds
And when I'm on the prowl, you neva hear me growl
Cause when it's time to attack, these rappers bittin' my style
I don't fuck with territorial invaders
Get yo vessel tipped ova tryna be a crusader
Nigga, bet the gator prolly get ya until you swim ashore
This a swamp no man has neva been befo'
Tales of the encryption, a footprint in the sand is my only description
Eatin' these trenches like my only prescription
Always on the move, I never froze for the picture
I'm just tryna expand imagination, ain't nothin' wrong with non-fiction exaggeration
It's just a problem when people start to think it's fascinating
And when it's time to show improve, these niggas have us waitin'
You know I neva hesitate to give em what they're lookin' fo
Gimme the mic, I'm ready to go
What you think I took it fo?
Channel success in with all this good energy
Shalee(?) my mark on the world so they remember me
Ah, leaw
(Verse 3: Asher Roth)
You see, a long long long long time ago
There was a rapper known to make explores come to catacombs
Was legend those rhymes was sharper than a rhino's nose
Then without a warning he just vanished off like ?
Reverse osmosis with the blow can make a monster moan
Thoughts alone can cause an arsonist to start a hearty home
Balls and omens hard as Artemises, heart of stone
Partin' ocean, stars as artists, smaller than a Martial dome
Yeah, it's known that on the north is where the moss'll grow
The road of yellow brick can lead to Oz, then why does no-one know?
What happened to this rappin' captain? He attacked by cracken'?
A sip of rum under the sun, and sittin', baggin', laughin'
I'd imagine it's more calculated than just that
Your mathematics that ? can't even fathom
I'm adamist, this adamit does not exist
But I insist with iron fist, this fire spit is not a myth
The eye of Zion, he's admired by the finest lips
? to inspired, but sadly all have missed
Been this optimist, but I'm solving all its mystery to me
WHen Willy flinch in Berny like a Salom witch
The search continues, it's become some sort of mazing race
Travelling some distances in hopes to only see a space
Herdy likes to eat a rapper just to stay in shape
But it's true, I guess I knew, all we could do is wait
Beware fakes and plains and names of false identities
Cuz only one can bear the cross in order to defend
No more pretending, tell your men to bring their best of speech
When you hear that beastly speak, you know down deep that beast is me
I think it is safe to say that
We have discovered with a certainty that
Rapness monster is indeed a living species on our planet
Who desires to stay confined to his own realm
At peace with himself
And at one with his god