Ca$h Out ft. Waka Flocka & Quavo – Stunt On Ya Haters (Remix) Lyrics

Let then nigga try me, try me
I’mma get ‘em gone like Illuminati
Swing plan up in Chicago
That be making tole like you’re soprano
Uuh let a nigga try me, try me, try me
I’mma shut his face like a picture ID
Let ‘em know that we are plan up in Chicago
Lay the boys down like a line of Domino
Pop a nigga friend like he was a cado
Running this crib like Mister Rogers
Flip his ass quick, put it in gymnastics
Bitch we love the war like we be in drafted
Tell ‘em that we have a party on Maley sownty
We ain’t getting drunk but hey bringing forty
I can murder but my fashion you niggas liking
That will drop her body, feel like I’m contracting
But o’ll be lashing to the bank,
Walking like a model
You can give me that til I feel it’s time to
Maley, homie get the check til
Lord for you bastards
Better touch a nigga and say is your pastor
Cuz every ?
Youngest bitch fucking on this bitch like ?
My bitches don’t wanna talk like the beat is hop drop
We run it just get up on it
Where’s your fucking dance rolls
But is better for your ? why you need a mentor
Know a nigga do like yellow?
All I do is say that we’ll be running over
Kill a nigga and we caught it balling over
Why too many niggas don’t an idea at what I’m in and what I do
Take your baby out like it was her born day
Leave a pussy wet like we haven’t for play
I really haven’t shit
That’s why bitches knock up
Have you ever see the mounts longer than your zip code
I ain’t never have a problem with this ?
Lean up on my soul, rest in peace the PC
Got a pocket full of notes, pay my shoes like their rose
I blow a could G-s no ? double D-s
Make it on sense and don’t like my labby
He say is the bomb but i]’m not his lobby
You know I’m from the shine but they bang corners
Hands up on the ground like we test and corders
Talking ‘bout that tough shit, that roaf shit,
You gonna stumble and let it fuck
Came roll with these niggas, sweeter then ?
Pull up and go tended, they gonna smoke some ?
Doing all that dig run, you still drive that humble
I’m a fendy, stop pretending
I don’t play about my blood like a diabetic
Fuck a nigga is something that I can’t do
Swear that’s the only think I got on
Ca$h Out ft. Waka Flocka & Quavo – Stunt On Ya Haters (Remix) Lyrics