Mila J ft. ft. Problem – Pain In My Heart Lyrics

[Intro: Mila J]
Let’s talk that shit.

[Verse 1: Mila J]
Why do me eyes stare at you?
Blink as we sink weak heart of mine
Feeling so insecurely loved

Such a shame how I keep falling for you
I love you so much
I can’t figure out
What you did to get me so f-cked up
What’d you do to make me fall in love
Shit, is it all in my mind, mind, mind

Mind, mind
Pain in my heart, pain in my heart, pain in my heart
Pain in my heart, pain in my heart

[Verse 2: Mila J]
You’re like my drug so I’m high off you
You soul’s like the poison through my veins
Why can’t you love me back? Cause I loved you

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Problem]
If loving you was wrong then my feelings in sin
This situation’s like a new age Biggie and Kim
We never though it’d get deep
Now we stuck in a loop
You know I got somebody, but I can’t stop thinking of you
I can’t stop f-cking with you, I can’t stop loving on you
This situation getting tense, what the f-ck we gon’ do?
And when we f-ck it’s the truth, It’s no lie
Have you busting bigger then bigger then four five
Love a uphill and this is a cold climb
Your girls say you stupid, you paying her no mind
Cause you know me better than most of these hoes
You a diva like my Mila, she supposed to be chose
By a real one, and she got that
To tell her I ain’t shit, she stressing I’m not that
I tell her I love her while she think this to herself
How you love me and still go home to someone else? F-ck
I don’t wanna be the cause of love

Mila J ft. Problem – Pain In My Heart Lyrics