Tink – Try Me (Remix) Lyrics

Let a nigga try me, try me
I’mma get hm gone like Illuminati
Cause we ain’t playin’ up in Chicago
We’ll make them yell like they’re soprano
Let a nigga try me, try me
I’mma shoot his face like a picture ID
Let him know we ain’t playin up in Chicago
Let them boy down like domino
Mind in his crib like Mr. Rogers
Flip his ass quick
Put him on gymnastics
Bitch we goin’ to war
Like we’re on joysticks
Tell the haters have a party with all the shorties
We ain’t getting’ drunk
But they’re bringin’ 40s
You niggaz laughin’
I also drop a body
I feel like I’m contracting
Better be on the bank walkin’ like a model
You nigga give me nets
Molly home got the tech for you bastards
Bitch I be slayin’ on my Kim K with my corset
Youngest bitch wreckin’ up these streets
Like my name was North West
My bitches don’t wanna talk
Like a case of strep throat
We’d rather just get up on it,
Word to fuckin’ DeJ Loaf
But let’s clear your brain now
You need a mentor
Throw a nigga down
Like he in a wind storm
All I do is saying the word and they’d be running over
Kill a nigga and we got every baller
I don’t know what I do
Take your baby out
Like it was his born day
Leave a pussy wet
Like we have a forth play
I really got shit
That’s why bitches laugh
I’ve never had a problem with standing…
I got a pocket full of notes
I could blow a couple of Gs
Wrapped up, no double Ds
He say it’s the bomb
But I’m not alarming
Heads upon the ground
Like we’re tossin’ quarters
Talkin’ all that top shit
You’re gonna stumble everything
And get fucked up
These niggaz sweeter than chocolate
Doing all that cigarettes and still driving that Honda
I stop at 20
I don’t play about my blood
Like a diabetic
So I don’t got the only thing I’m with on
Tink – Try Me (Remix) Lyrics