Rhythm Of Love Lyrics by Danity Kane 

[Verse 1: Shannon]
You’re necessary, you’re very necessary, I need you like the air I breathe
I need you near me, just got to have you near me, what to feel like a heartbeat
You keep me going, don’t want to keep me going, you put me in overtime
Try not to show it, come on not to show it, but boy you stay on my mind
[Pre - Chorus: Dawn]
Can’t ignore my body’s reaction, when I’m close to you. This ain’t just your basic attraction, I know you feel it too
Take my hand, take a chance, feel the rhythm of love, love
Close your eyes, let’s get lost in the rhythm of love, love
Rhythm of love, love, love, rhythm of love, love, love
Close you eyes, let’s get lost in the rhythm of love, love
[Verse 2: Aubrey]
Think I’m in heaven, if this isn’t heaven, this is the closest that I (ever or never) be
I’m trynna tell ya, the moment we together, it’s messing with our sanity
It’s overrated, it’s really overrated, but really we should do it now
Your hesitating, quit hesitating, don’t be afraid I show you how
[Pre - Chorus: Dawn]
Lost in the, lost in the, lost in
Lost in the, lost in the [x2]
[Pre - Chorus: Dawn]
Danity Kane – Rhythm Of Love Lyrics