Raekwon – All Night Long Lyrics

Maya Lemore hills, drivin’ in yo own 4 wheels
Mansion on top of hills blow crisp hunid bills
High as the guest house in Calibasses
Flow nasty, that’s disastrous, make pussy wet, call me a catalyst
Gymnastics when flippin’ packages
All in my head, gimme head back
Exactly, misadapt me, sister, no doubt
The kid is rich, heart is rich, art is rich
But still I’m known to walk away the week after
No luv unless whole luv, hoes no luv
You get the greatest hugs in the world tho, hol’ up!
Like Frank Waterschoolmaxed Julian
This how you ride, shoot game, pimping hoof from the side
(Outro: Mary J. Blige – Mary Jane)
Oh, baby not tonight
I don’t wanna fuss and fight
I just wanna make it right
Oh, there’s work to do
I wanna get real close to ya
I wanna get ya in the mood
All the things ya wanna do
Just relax and I’ll take care of ya
And anytime ya want me
I’m saying that I luv ya everyday
And I know that ya luv me
Baby admit it
Give me all yo luv and don’t stop
I love waiting when ya reach the top
(All night long)
Come into my bedroom hun’ ya
What I got will make ya spend $
(All night long)
Raekwon – All Night Long Lyrics