Chris Brown ft. – One Of Those Nights Lyrics

[Intro: Chris Brown]
Okay, wassup, you feeling alright?
I’m good, feels like one of those nights
[Pre-Hook: Chris Brown]
I got my crew with me and I brought my swagger too
We ain’t hit the door, you better check your attitude
Okay okay you do you your thing, I ain’t mad at you
But I’m on a different level, check your latitude
[Hook: Chris Brown]
I think it may be one of those nights
It feels like one of those nights
Yeah it’s gotta be one of those nights
Oh yeah it feels like one of those
[Drop: Chris Brown &]
Nights (x10)
I think it might be one of those
Nights (x10)
Oh yeah it feels like one of those nights
Oh yeah, watch me as I elevate
I got my peoples with me, we about to celebrate tonight
Night (x5)
Cleberate tonight
[Verse 1: Chris Brown &]
[Chris Brown]
Okay them other clubs ain’t jumpin’ I am bored of it, I’m bored of it
Them hating people people I’m ignoring it, ignoring it
More drinks are on the way and yes I ordered it, I ordered it
And you don’t have to pay cause I afforded it, okay
I keep the party fuckin’ jumpin’ cause I’m rockin’ funky beats
I be up inside this bitch just playing heat that melt ya feet
All the ladies getting crazy to that big fat bass
When I step inside this bitch It’s like I own this fuckin’ place
I’m in the house
[Verse 2: Chris Brown &]
[Chris Brown]
Look, I got them bottles of that ooey
Super model, super groupies
I be spittin, call it luge
I’m the shit, Mr. Poopy
With all this smoke and all these lights
So turnt up, it’s one of them nights
401, that’s what I like
But I gotta know if you’re fucking, right
[?] is on the floor, just rockin’ ‘em, just rockin’ ‘em
Pop lock and shock and shufflin’ on top of em, on top of em
I’m, and still I am, so ill I am, I’m killin’ em
In the club just chillin’ with them ladies and them
Feels like one of those nights