Waka Flocka – Lifestyle (Remix) Lyrics

Bought a new Rollie, nigga
Bad bitch walkin’ up and she rollin’, nigga
They patrolin’, but them cars is been stolen, nigga
I ain’t about to hit a pain from bowlin’, nigga
Shawty know a nigga, said she don’t fuck with raper
I’m a gangsta, baby, you can tell what differs after
Do you like the travel, a life full of laughter?
My house is a castle, my cars go faster
Drrrrum, vruuum, dirty but the whip clean
And a nigga bought up all the 20-16s
Pulled up in the hood, showed em there’s a way for em
Neva thought I’d be on stage at festivals and stadiums
And I’mma shoot as long as my arm on
Cuban links, no ?, but the charm on
Big smile cuz a blood made it out the hood
Put my feelin’ on my back like they knew I would
Fuck a hater every though
He can think I make 100 thousand I blink
This one for the public houses and the trailer parks
Stay smart, y’all, don’t let this trouble break yo hearts
Stayed away from the snakes and the sharks
Neva ‘fraid of the dark, fuck a flame, bout to spark
Gas up, and pass it around the world
Take care yo fam and yo kids and yo girl, that’s gangsta
I’ve done did a lot of shit just to live this here lifestyle
We came straight from the bottom to the top, my lifestyle
Nigga livin’ life like a volcano and this is only the beginnin’
I’m on the top of the mountain, puffin’ on clouds and niggas still beginnin’