Gunplay ft. N.O.R.E. – J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam) Lyrics

Jumping Off Da Beam
Gunplay, waddup my nigga
Fuck with a real nigga
Word to shiny, another homi
About a week ago I just caught a body
And talked about it over veggies and some grigio
I put that Mack11 to his fuckin’ heazzy though
Sleazy-o, I don’t give a fuck, yo, I stay strapped
AK on me like an Arab
Gunplay the homie in the Maybach
Good Belt Gang, you know I (bang that)
Bang that, I could get you here for a major fee
You won’t have another fuckin’ day to breathe
I put(?) bad boys on me A to Z
Cuz I was for a rumble for a Jay-Z
Beat yo kids ass, no AB
Get you beat down raw, for your AP
Took his watch on a muthafuckin’ blame(?) with me
Time flies when you slice cocaine swiftly
(Hook x2)
J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam)
J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam)
Word (word)
J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam)
(Verse 2)
Go call me crack-cocaine, man, that’s my thang
I be comin’ down lookin’ like a muthafuckin’ king
I be whippin’ to the lock, put the cookie on the clock
I’m a pro at the dope, you’z a rookie to the rock
I be baggin’ dog food with a loaded hot tube
Try to stack cream, no I do
Took trial to the door, no plea, I’m a cop too
My fake co-defendant actin’ like a cop too
Look death in the face with a blank stare
Tell that muthafucka, yeah, nigga, I’m (right here)
THis that shit worldwide every hood feel
Gunplay, NORE, Maybach, good belt
J O B, jumpin’ off da beam
Fuckin’ on the molly, humpin’ on yo queen
Bring dope from the yayo when I dump it on Queens
2 quarters couldn’t even feed a quarter of my pain
(Hook x2)
J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam)
J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam)
Word (word)
J.O.B. (Jumping Off Da Beam)
Hands on the trap, I’m out here smokin’ boggy drops
My nigga, NORE, Niggas On The Run Eatin’, huh?
Good Belt, Maybach music, nigga, militainment, BBG