Make It Work (Freestyle) Lyrics by KaliRaps

i’ve been going hard since 19
you stop winning when you’re playing for the right team
black slippers with the white string
you see i got a check nigga
let it in
i ain’t hatin’ though
i’m just spittin’ facts, hoe
i put your man out of work
like his back broke
i never go back
i only go forward
headlights flicker
why you bitches beaming?
baby losin’ up your zippers don’t make you richer
you can keep your fame
i just want my damn paper
little nigga have a seat
i can’t stand haters
i’ll be all the way home
like a landscaper
everybody in the city knows i’m ragging’
all these boys are acting greedy
but they’re entertaining
i don’t live with limitations
blowing money on the shit
you know it’s shameful
you said you were the greatest
but i am what you can’t be
round them up and chop them down
if you’re makin’
they gonna say it was a miracle
but if you die they’re gonna say it was your time
yeah they hearin’ you but they don’t feel you
you can die overnight
it happens every time
i can promise you this shit needs to be clarified
this might hurt you
but you can’t afford it
i must be kicking dope
cause i’m so sick
when they count the money
trust no bitch
i’m addicted to this life
yeah bitch i’m higher than a tree size
KaliRaps – Make It Work (Freestyle) Lyrics