Sell It All (Freestyle) Lyrics by Berner

see i can never change
i’m stuck in my childhood ways
put 40 pounds in a chain
played with my cash
and the taste got metal
talkin’ about cash
you ain’t rich like me
that’s a crew double-up
i don’t know about you
but i only talk war
champagne rollie with the face
pull up now they lookin’ at me crazy
they say i can’t rap,
they say i got fat
should have made a cool 5 mill off the plaque
yeah i worry about you?
don’t think so
i put a bitch now
brand new call
new bitch at sacramento
world wide burn
callie smoke in the plane
we’re landing in the air
i’ll pray when we touch down
we only got 5 cribs
and you rap like this
i ain’t worried about a rap chick
smoke some
i can sell it all
we really getting money
people talkin’ shit
i can sell it all
i can sell it all
been in this trap shit
baby i won’t switch
i can sell it all

Berner – Sell It All (Freestyle) Lyrics