Only Did It Right Lyrics by T.Y. ft. Curren$y

Son of a gangsta nigga
It’s that muthafuckin’ jet life
Believe that
Have yo muthafuckin’ mind right
Look, look
These hoes know that I’m a boss, huh
Them jet life boys don’t even ask the cost
We do it low key, but we still like to floss, huh
And all that hatin’ don’t get you far, huh?
You realize it, money makin’ is my thing
That’s why I’m tryna get it poppin’ in this rap game
Trust not other than the niggas I roll with
In the big circle is how you get stole quick
Me and Spitta ridin’ round in some old shit
Hittin’ switches, steady dippin’ to some oldie shit
Few thangs that you niggas just won’t get
We work hard so we deserve all of this shit
Niggas out here like they ain’t got money to get
That only mean I’mma get my rollie bright as it get
And I’mma show it, let ya see it when I hit the light
I’m here to make sure that you remember me fo’ life
I only did it right
I only did it right
I only did it right
I only did it right
I only did it right
(Verse 2)
Word to this jet I rode down cold
Brand new old clothes stylin’ on em ?
Smilin’ when I drove by
Eyes lookin’ closed, but they on the road
Focused on goals
Leprechaun green powder, Acapulco gold
Encrypted drop zone, locations in morse code
Rhymes I wrote, that’s motto fo’ down low
More shows for rockin’ and parties that’s on boats
Suckas at home, they facetimin’ they hoes
They unavailable, gettin’ naked fo’ whoever on
Hopin’ to blow up like inflatables
I’m unfadable, chillin’, digit the Fable magazine
‘s on the coffee table, who ya hatin’ on?