Prayer Freestyle Lyrics by Marc-E-Bassy

What if I am just crazy regardless?
Yellow bus,yeah at the office
Judge everybody from the paper
I’m your conscious
So no wonder you used to grow up with your squad
Now it makes sense
I’m getting the shit down
Rap living these days
So I can stay sound
Kill whoever you want
And make this a police town
Immigration, let the motherfuckers stay and pay their taxes
You rich bastard, on low pages you don’t pay
This is like nuisance for this nation
I know the manifest
You’ve seen me back, outside
I should learn my ass to stay in
But I’m in love with the world too much
You know?
I love multiple girls and such
Buenos dias
Momma would not probably approve all these mamasitas
This is the same verse where I was preaching
I wanna crash the protest to say I did it
Cause a killer was acquitted
Then go back to mind my business
What the fuck is it to youand I if we never unify?
Progress really sounding like the truest lie
But I’m still hopeful though
Cause these starts came into my brain like a train ,not a bullet
And this track came from my favorite
That’s the engine low
Marc-E-Bassy – Prayer Freestyle Lyrics