Catfishin’ Lyrics by Childish Major ft. Jace

show’s show, no facade
shoulda copped the bond, she like light skin, niggas like this
in light skin niggas take trust
might take one of my niggas
might take one of yo b*tches
might take the whole damn crew
might lead the whole white hood
ain’t no bangin’ ‘er, she don’t even know i’m dangerous
she don’t even know
hm, i already fucked ‘er friend
she don’t even know
got the heel what a nigga sayn
ride, don’t even know a nigga name
how, thou, bitch, i know how to vibe
she wylin’, i could take you away
far away far away
but i’ll just take ya outta here
till my place, my place
all geeked up right now
we can’t find a place
maddic on the prom
no blame, i say (hehe)
lemme touch yo body bae
you wid me, on my mind
come gimme face
drop it fo’ a nigga, nigga like me
promise i won’t say ya, say ya, no
(verse 2: jace)
tell me anythang, yeah, i mean anything
i can send you a reply
but you can’t get no weddin’ ring
britney spears, do her heart
cut full of cabin fetaline
she like you always, how do you remember me?
i can’t promise shit
i don’t make no promises
cause feelings change
like clothes or ties
think that’s what the problem is
someone tell relier i’m no liar to be honest
it’s easier to roll em blunts than cast them feelin’s
i admit
right in the raintoe up
pull my drinks lower
girl, i ain’t shit, so what?
still want the big dick, grow up
bunch of things we don’t buck
got a bunch of green in this truck
whole lotta things that i couldn’t lie bout
man, i’m too g’ed up
and that’s real, lady
some that you can feel, baby
i keep it 100, slim chant that i’m still shady
drop it fo’ a nigga, nigga like me
promise i won’t say ya, say ya, no

Childish Major ft. Jace – Catfishin’ Lyrics