Fat Fuck (Key! Diss) Lyrics by OG Maco 

Whoeva thought that I’d be a winner
Same niggas at the type with me
But I neva cared for niggas wizzers
I’m reapin’, rippin’, knockin’ albums out
But that was easy, now it hurt
I see it cuz I told you bout it when the ? believe in
I’m like caesar buddhist, Buddha bought it from me
Cuz it’s Future follow up right before his eyes
Why ya look so surprised?
Want a smile, want a time, want a war in front of me
Bite from airs, push me to the bread, call out everythang in the kitchen sink
But it’s hard to swallow all the drink
Back from Monte Carlo where it stink
Bout to follow base behind me
We can kill, hard to bother, fuck around and get sprayed
See a model, fuck around, we get laid
Matter fact, if ya feelin’ soft, ya pillow talkin’ lil niggas
Birth from airs, I pin dolphin my niggas
They ain’t waitin’ by the coffin’, that nigga
Mama told me I was also man’s nigga
Go and get a fuckin’ critic
And tell ya how to spend it on the dinner
But nothing tastes sweeter than victory
Fat nigga tried to belittle me
Gave em hell, as far as next
I dunno, I’m just gonna do what the fuck I want
Shit, I been this since my momma birth
Won’t be so strong with yo pockets, huh?
Niggas just hate when ya known yo worth
Take this city, now ya on my turf
(Hook x2)
It’s whateva, howeva ya want it
Bitch, I’m just sick of the frontin’
It’s whateva, howeva ya want it
It shoulda fucked out with the clonin’
It’s wheneva ya nigga ya petty
You just tryna get a lil money
It’s whateva, howeva ya want it
Just know that these killas condone it

OG Maco Fat Fuck (Key! Diss)