Medication Meditation Lyrics by Flying Lotus ft. Krayzie Bone

They never can slow it down
I’m telling and waiting the stars
I’m feeling like I’m on Mars
Got a thing with the spaceship
You niggaz are so stuck in your cars
So while you mash off,
I’mma blast off
I’m a lap dog, ’cause I pass you all
In my own zone, call it Bone zone
They visit the fine
They visit the fine
Never be scared of heights
Cause I’m going high where niggaz can only imagine
But they never can see it
Medication and some meditation
Takes attention to the perfect elevation
Medication that needs meditation
Brings into attention the perfect elevation
See they don’t really know how high I go
I’m reminding niggaz I stay high
This is a war
And I’ll come back to take it
See I’m in another dimension
That’s why I can never comprehend this
It’s clear to me
You niggaz are not on my level
And it’s truly amazing
That we’re still here maintaining
It’s so much more than legendary
As we came up
Flying Lotus Medication Meditation