Crazy (Remix) Lyrics by Kevin Gates

Transportation makes you happy
When your life’s a living hell
Cause I was joking behind those prayers
We don’t go to jail
When they try to attempt
And it bends over
Seek a hit
Shoot and miss
Red winner, huh?
Look who’s in the building
Let me check my Instagram
I might be at a meeting
You watch your mind
I’m on my grime
And I’m supplyin’
Like The Flinstones
Reputation on the line
And no clips loan
They’re 9 to 5
You get …
Bitch I'm papered up, diamonds glistenin'
Rockin' feelings,
I ain't tapered up
Get on your shit,
Get out your feelings
Hatin', fake as fuck
Some feel I'm trippin' how I'm livin'
I can't change it up
I’m a praying man
Droppin’ change case
Wake it up!
Might just be me
I’m in the strippers
Baby no breaking off
She talkin’ reckless, bitch
Whatever phone I’m hangin’ up
Bitch so good
Can’t seem to keep this bitch away from us
And me if I fuck your bitch
She wasn’t made to love
My phone is ringing
I’m on a meeting
That’s my dog calling
Won’t point a finger
Give a heart and they may all stalk
I no longer hear voices
But I got a couple of calls
And I was crazy when the shit came back
Bitches on my dick ,fresh steppin’ on McKinley
Who dreams never had
I’m tryin’ to fetch a chicken
Trying to rob
Man I got shot
Nigga buried your truck
What up?
Ain’t nobody dead
You can’t fuck with that
We’re on our knees
Praying daily
My daddy don’t want to send me nothing
You can win the pack
Don’t turn me out
And we’re ridin’ around the bottom
Kevin Gates Crazy (Remix)