Pusha T – Lunch Money Lyrics
Yeah, I’m taking niggas’ lunch money
Too bad, I was fucking hungry
Real niggas don’t notice you
I’m the only dopeboy quotable
[Verse 1]
Mami tryna land a Sinatra
So she don’t fuck niggas with Apple watches
Cause Rolex shopping is more exciting
Shout out to dopeboy LED 16 swipers
Howard homecoming kingpins
Movie on my neck with the screen gems
Me and my nigga havin’ bottle wars
40 thousand on the floor when them bottles pour
Spill, nigga, a Blu Ray to your DVD
You might’ve caught me on TMZ
Cameo tryna sue a nigga (fuck ‘em)
Cuz I party hard like it’s three of me
America’s still abusing us
And 9/11 is the Ku Klux
So why wouldn’t I fire back
When everyday them niggas shooting us?
True enough, I’m out of line
You better stand for something before you out of time
This is crime by design
If the crown ain’t mine tell me who am I behind
[Verse 2]
Pocket get me everything I want
Riding ’round with Miguel Cotto in the trunk
What I’m cooking in the kitchen, niggas
Bobby Brown, New Edition, niggas
What I’m wearing in this blizzard, nigga
Mink, leather or it’s lizard, nigga
St. Laurent, I’m in all layers
The mannequin to you ballplayers
Shout out my Mac 11 monster
Grew up on Nintendo playing Contra
And though that nigga only 5’9
100 bodies on his timeline
What’s the price of success?
Lost my bitch, bought a chef
The 911 cost 211
Watch looking like a jeweler’s heaven
Hottest 7, I’m so alive
Your bank account Swiss, nigga, so is mine
This is crime by design
If the crown ain’t mine tell me who am I behind

Pusha T Lunch Money