August Alsina – Grindin’ Lyrics

We come from fords and expeditions
Slangin’ papers with ambition
‘Cause back in my younger days
That’s just how we make a living
That’s how I was taught to grind
Learnt to hustle from my moms
That’s that G shit and the G semper fi stands for grind
(Grindin’, Grindin’, Grindin’, Grindin’, Grindin’)
I’mma drop this shit for the hell of it
‘Cause I’m outchea gridin’ can’t tell me shit
People asking why you took so long, how you go so strong
Cause it’s timing in all this shit
When a n-gga trynna let his past go Get reminded of all his shit
N-ggas dont go as hard as I do, I be fighting for all that I get
I got a question why you hatin’ on me? Cause I’m probably grindin’ his bitch
Everybody who was checkin’ for a n-gga and was reppin’ for a n-gga
I appreciate your prayers I respect you my n-gga, a lot of these lames kept hatin’ on a n-gga
When I took a little fall you was steppin’ on a n-gga, if you keep it one then I salute you my n-gga
If I see you comin’ for me I shoot you my n-gga, but I’m grindin’ like I got something to prove my n-gga
Bet you couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes my n-gga
A lot of my n-ggas ain’t here this year
I cry for all my n-ggas, love everybody in my squad I die for all them n-ggas
I don’t give a f-ck about all these rumors
‘Cause the truth will never be in them
And they love to see when I’m losin’
So they hate to see when I’m winnin’
That [?]house on the hill, I’m in it
Only 22 but I’m ’bout my business
If there’s a million dollar club I’m in it
Determined to get it so this shit don’t phase me
Even though I’m me, I don’t see no competition I refuse to be defeated
A lot of these n-gga ain’t working at all
I chase this check for my family and all
I just got out of a comma. It showed me that when God is for me no weapon can hold me
That’s why I go hard for N.O. and my homies
And I pay homage for n-ggas before me
Who came back and told me go hard like Ginobili and grind for all this shit
Doctor tell me I’m exhausted and shit
Can’t stop now am never gonna quit
Not until I see my mama not wanting for nothing
And I see my brother just livin’ for a livin’
And I see my squad spending money like it’s nothing
That way i’m grindin’ everyday till to make a way because
I’mma drop this shit for the hell of it
Cause I’m outchea gridin’ can’t tell me shit
August Alsina – Grindin’ Lyrics