Hustlaz Intuition Lyrics by DJ Scream Ft. Ace Hood, Gunplay & Ox From Belly

[Hook: Ace Hood]
I woke up this morning, mind told me go and get it
First thing, gotta... mama told me "boy, you trippin'"
Gotta go feed the fam, that's my hustler's intuition
Stay strapped every day - fuck you mean? Every second
That's my hustler's... hustler's intuition
That's my hustler's... hustler's intuition
That's my hustler's... hustler's intuition
Hustler's intuition, only way, I've got to give it

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Okay now, money my priority, that chopper's got authority
Wake up early morning it be sleeping right beside of me
First thing when I wake up, I get my cake up
How up in that wide body, shit feel like a spaceship
Go and get it, every penny out here like I'm piss poor
3-6-5 'round the clock, I hustle 24
Jumpin' up out that bucket, I'm like "fuck it," it's designer, hoe
Forgis on that Aston, pack that 4-doors with all kinds of hoes
Big money, big shit - long money, cruise ship
Promised mama, and I got us rich
Millionaire, they can't tell me shit
Feed the fam and my niggas I'm with
You don't feel that, you can suck my dick
Check my mojo - Polo flow
Top missing, oh Marco Po'

[Hook: Ace Hood]

[Verse 2: Gunplay]
I've got a fresh bomb of that yes-yes-y'all
...raw that you're wetting, whip hard
...let it dry and drive-by ten cars
...and diamonds 'bout as bright as ten gods
I've got a chopper, do you copy? 10-4
And I'm 'bout to bring it to your front step door
You ain't even gotta take one step forward
Snappin' on these pussies like a dumb, deaf dog
I need a pistol and a tweaker
But don't forget the beaker and the ether, neither
I've got dope in my dirty drawers
Duckin' crooked cops and dirty laws

[Hook: Ace Hood]

DJ Scream - Hustlaz Intuition Lyrics (Ft. Ace Hood, Gunplay & Ox From Belly)